Social Justice and Community Organizing MA

Signature Courses
Community Organizing
Social Justice Graduate Theory Seminar
Landscapes of Neoliberalism


There has never been a more important moment in history to learn the skills you need to make a difference in communities and the world at large. Learn what it takes to be an effective community organizer from experts and leaders in social justice movement building. This social justice masters degree program offers you the flexibility to complete your degree online.

Start working towards a career in organizing so that you can help build a movement and change the world. This masters degree combines a unique focus on theories and practices to equip you with the skills, connections, and knowledge you need to participate effectively in grassroots mobilization and social justice movement building. Courses offer an intensive emphasis on comparative critical theory (both scholarly and grassroots movement-based) with knowledge of organizing and mobilization as powerful tools for understanding the complex relations of culture, power, systems of oppression, and the history and future of movements for social and environmental justice.

Community organizing skills, together with a strong theoretical basis, will prepare you to take action and help change the world.Regardless of where your passions lie - you can find your place in this social justice and community organizing degree program. Whether you're already active in a labor movement, or you're interested in organizing around environmental policy in your community - you can learn the skills and theories you need. You'll have an opportunity to learn alongside other passionate students from around the country, and you'll learn from experienced organizers, educators, and activist-scholars.


  • Demonstrate ability to articulate, evaluate, and compare scholarly and applied theories of culture power, and social change
  • Understand the relevance and impact of historical context in the interpretation of theoretical arguments; pose relevant theoretical questions and take and defend stands within key scholarly and movement-based debates
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully formulate ethical, collaborative, movement-based research problems and design and carry out scholarly research in the applied field of social justice and community organizing
  • Ability to effectively communicate and defend the findings of their original research in written form as well as visual and/or oral communication
  • Demonstrate ability to explain and analyze key debates and power dynamics in struggles to shape global policies, processes, and institutions and to articulate the stakes of these struggles
  • Demonstrate ability and disposition to explain, analyze, and participate in multiple approaches to building the power and capacity of impacted communities to participate in important social decision making


  • Community organizer
  • Union organizer
  • Communications and Digital Media Associate
  • Campaign Research Associate
  • Community Outreach and Education Coordinator
  • Development and Grant Writing Associate
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Campaign Development Associate
  • Community Service Project Coordinator
  • Social JusticeCommunity Organizing
  • Environmental Justice
  • Border Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Political Activism


  • List of references
  • Autobiographical essay
  • Completed application
  • Current resume
  • Official transcripts